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100% Shea Butter, Organic and Unrefined


Enjoy supremely soft skin always with our organically grown, 100% Shea Butter. Superbly rich texture and in bulk sizes for your entire family. 

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Our organic, unrefined shea butter is imported directly from West Africa in its raw, natural state. Produced without any chemicals and fragrance-free, it is naturally off-white in color. You will find it to be a pure and healing therapy for every member of your family. 

This high quality shea butter is rich with Vitamins A and E, as well as other anti-inflammatory and cellular repair compounds. It has been shown to repair skin damage; soothe most skin problems and protect skin from the Sun's UV rays. 

Loving Application: To moisturize and protect skin, apply shea butter as needed to the entire body. It is particularly beneficial for dry, flaky and aged skin. Though it's rich, it will not clog pores. We recommend applying liberally (on dry skin) and sparingly (on oily skin).

Other uses: Hair Moisturizer, Massage Balm for sore muscles and arthritis, Natural Remedy for symptoms of dermatitis and eczema, Healing treatment for bruises and burns. Find out more about the benefits of shea butter.

Ingredients: organically grown, unrefined shea butter,
 Vitamin E, rosemary oleoresin extract (natural antioxidant).

Size: 4 ounces