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Divine Skin 001 :: Eczema & Dry Flaky Skin, EssenceTree's Calendula Hemp Collection


The Calendula Hemp Therapies Collection


- 1 Bar of Calendula Hemp Bliss Body Scrub Bar or Lotion Bar

- 2 oz Calendula Hemp Body Cream

- 2 oz Calendula Hemp Oil (currently available only in this set)

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Additional Info

Lovingly created to soothe skin affected by eczema and severe dryness. 100% natural, therapeutic Ingredients, including unrefined hemp oil (high in skin-loving essential fatty acids and chlorophyll),  aloe juice, green clay, neem oil and over 12 different nourishing herbs. 

Loving Application:

  • The Calendula Hemp 3-in-1 Bliss Scrub Bar - Use minimum of 3 times/week for optimal skin health. This bar will reduce dryness and flakiness associated with eczema. It provides exfoliation, moisture and herbal nourishment to the skin.

  • The Calendula Hemp Cream - Use daily after bathing to lock in moisture, reduce itchiness/dryness and feed skin with a minimum of 12 different herbs and botanicals .

  • The Calendula Hemp Oil - Use this lighter application of the Calendula Hemp Line as a bath oil, or wherever extreme dryness is not the case. It has the same benefits as the other products. It is extremely moisturizing too, though not as rich as the Cream and Bliss Scrub Bar.