The EssenceTree Story

Divine Inspiration

EssenceTree Holistic Life is a lifestyle brand that celebrates organic beauty and inspired living, the passions of its founder Charmaine Gibbs-West. Created as a platform for empowerment, the Atlanta, GA based company consists of luxurious handcrafted beauty products, transformative wellness services and entrepreneurial education. 

Established in 2005 on her husband’s family farm, EssenceTree started as a therapeutic hobby.  After transitioning from a fast-paced Wall Street career in New York, Charmaine moved south to Tennessee and embraced a simpler, more sacred life. 

 A student of various healing therapies, Charmaine found herself experimenting with homemade concoctions, artfully infusing practices of aromatherapy, herbalism and intention into her original recipes. Themes which were noticeably absent in the beauty industry.

Even now, EssenceTree's creations are still original works of art, blended with the finest natural ingredients and healing intent. 

Our Nutrient-focused Superfood Skincare

 For all of you: Face, Hair, Body & Spirit. Our specialty skin care line is gluten-free and 99% vegan (we use beeswax and honey). It includes rich, organic body butters, therapeutic body oils, herbal bath salts, botanical scrubs and gemstone treatments.

Our materials of choice are groundbreaking in their quality and scope. We utilize food-grade organic flowers and herbs, nourishing vegetable butters, nutrient-rich plant oils, healing essential oils, anti-oxidants, mineral salts, clays and gemstones. 

Recognized as both powerfully therapeutic and visually beautiful, EssenceTree’s products resonate with diverse clientele in America and abroad. 

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Our Whole Body Oils for Skin, Hair & Spirit

Pampering Blends crafted with farm-fresh herbs and flowers.

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Our Handcrafted Skin Food Bars

3-in-1 Luxury superfood exfoliants that deeply pamper and nourish skin.


Our Luxury Small-Batch Baths

Crafted with whole, organic herbs and a purifying blend of salts.

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Our Activated Gemstone oils

For prayer, blessing/anointing, meditation and sacred perfumery. Available for customization.

Beautiful Life Wellness

EssenceTree’s Beautiful Life Wellness Services are exquisite and instructive lifestyle seminars and pampering sessions.  Within these sessions, we offer instruction on areas such as visualization, skin/hair care, how to live naturally, etc. We believe that self-care is a sacred act and that living holistically is the ultimate key to wellness.

Entrepreneurship & Women

We launched our SpiritPreneur Master Class: Entrepreneurship from the Heart program in April 2014. It was designed to stimulate economic empowerment among disadvantaged women, and offer mentorship opportunities to women business owners. This premier online class teaches women how to turn their passion into profit using traditional mind/body principles as well as tried and true business success strategies.

EssenceTree's Future

Founder Charmaine Gibbs-West is committed to social responsibility and empowering women and their families. EssenceTree regularly partners with organizations and educational institutions to provide life enhancing wellness services in intimate settings. To date, EssenceTree has personally impacted more than 2,000 people through these partnerships.

Charmaine is developing a new online platform for women, which will feature original content on topics of health, natural living, entrepreneurship, and dream fulfillment.

Contact Us

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