We believe that Fresh is Best

“We don't just make another body butter. We craft therapeutic and beautiful works of art that represent a connection between you and us.”
- Charmaine Gibbs-West, Founder

To ensure nutrient content, EssenceTree’s products are handcrafted fresh in micro batches. Ninety percent (90%) of our products are less than two weeks old.

We are a small shop nestled in the hills of Georgia where everything is handcrafted fresh in small batches. It’s an artisanal process: we meticulously select and crush our botanicals by hand, brew our herbal oils, chop our butters and position gemstones carefully in their bottles. After the production process is complete, each product is lovingly decorated with its signature petals and leaves.

 All so that you can benefit from the nutrients and love that goes into each bottle and jar.

It’s a slower, more intentional process, but we believe you’re worth it.

 In an age of cutting corners, we take the road less traveled and focus on quality above all else.

#Worth the Wait


Gluten Free


Food Grade/Organic