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Reserve your spot now for our 2020 Cohort, which begins in February.

Payment plans are available for your convenience. I also invite you to sign up for one of our live Online Boss Goddess Sessions below. Class Begins in February, but the party starts now!

Boss Goddess Academy
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Boss Goddess Academy - Payment Plan

Welcome to the Boss Goddess Academy! Your Blueprint to Business Success. Specifically designed for makers of physical products, this 8-week program will provide the secrets to scaling to Six-Figures and getting into stores such as Whole Foods.


The payment plan consists of 12 payments, automatically deducted every 2 weeks. The standard price of Boss Goddess Academy - Payment Plan is $2,100.00 (it includes a $105 service fee*).

*To avoid the service fee, save money and receive a pay-in-full bonus, please consider the Boss Goddess Pay in Full option.

Should you purchase the Academy when it is offered on sale, your 12 installments will be automatically discounted to reflect the sale price.

I look forward to meeting you, Boss Goddess! Feel free to contact me at with any questions.

I'm Ready to Soar!

Class Begins in February, but the party starts now!

Register for one of our Boss Goddess Online Sessions below. Plus, stay in the know for amazing seminars we’ll be featuring throughout the year.

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