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Hemp-Infused Care for your Entire Body.

Especially for those Special needs: Eczema, Psoriasis & Dry Skin

Like acne, eczema is an external manifestation of what may be several problems, such as stress, food/cosmetic sensitivities or environmental allergies. Our Calendula Hemp line was created to help heal my daughter’s severe eczema. Almost from birth, she experienced extreme itchiness and dry, flaky skin. I discovered through multiple tests that her severe eczema was due to food allergies (a whopping 6!)

All experts agreed, however, that keeping the skin moisturized is a top priority in managing symptoms. What I also sought to add to our recipes was the healing factor. I carefully selected effective, botanical essences that repaired skin and brought soothing relief. Today, I am proud to say that my daughter has been completely eczema-free since the age of 4.

All of our products are plant-based, nutrient-rich and non-toxic. Also, we are gluten-free and steroid free. Purity has always been my top priority. Containing pure organic, unrefined hemp oil, 15+ organic herbs, healing essential oils and antioxidants. These ingredients will help give skin the nourishment and protection it needs without the harmful side effects of steroid creams and synthetic chemicals.

Calendula Hemp Cream for Dry Flaky Skin & Eczema
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Calendula Hemp Oil
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Calendula Hemp Skinfood Bar
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I want to share my experience with your product. My daughter had an allergic reaction to detergent used by her college. Her face broke out and she was so upset. She as a young girl had minimal acne if any. She doesn’t really wear makeup. She plays sports and is an all natural girl. Whole Foods in Nashville suggested your calendula Hemp cream. It worked great and quickly!! She told her friends at school and they each bought 3. She is now home and asked me to get her some because she loves the feel on her face and it helps with any blemishes. I could not find it anywhere but your website. We love it! Thank you so much for shipping this item!
— E. Farias
My husband’s hands have been dry and sore for over a year. We’ve tried so many things... I finally ordered the Calendula Hemp Cream, and his hands cleared up almost immediately! He called it “miraculous” and asked me to order the bigger size right away. Thank you, Essence Tree!
— S. Sharpe