What is food-grade beauty?

"Food grade" is the classification given to ingredients that can literally be eaten safely.  Most cosmetic ingredients are "cosmetic grade" and neither safe nor suitable for ingestion. In fact, they have super long shelf lives for the year or so spent waiting for your purchase. Isn't it better to use fresh ingredients on your living, breathing skin, that are nutrient rich and edible? Your skin is alive; it needs natural cleaning, conditioning, repair and maintenance. 

Moreover, many cosmetic companies use the word natural on their product labels, but the ingredients that are natural and useful to your skin are always in the minority. They appear lower on the ingredient label (which means there are less of them) than fillers, inexpensive chemicals and synthetic oils.

EssenceTree’s handmade skin care products are not only natural, they are food-grade, holistic, organic/wildcrafted, gluten free, vegan* and nutritious. This makes them more expensive to create, but we believe you are worth it.


Handcrafted - Gluten Free - Vegan*  

Food Grade/Organic



* Our soaps contain honey, which makes our products 99% vegan