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Aromatic Gemstone Oils


Welcome to beautiful living with our Gemstone Oils. Available for a limited time, we crafted them for use as energetic perfumes, anointing/prayer and meditative aids. Gemstones have amazing benefits. They are considered vibrational medicines and have healing properties. They are crystalline structures, which comprise the building blocks of all of life. Each has its own energetic fingerprint and can help to enhance your life. We purify ours and blend them with aromatic essences and organic herbs. Set in a base of coconut and sunflower oils.

Choose your desire:

* Calmness & Reduced Anxiety: The Inner Peace Blend with Lapis Lazuli

* Love Enhancement (for self & others): Amor Love Blend with Rose Quartz

* Invoke Beauty & Sweetness in your life: Oshun Goddess Blend with Rose Quartz

* Clarity, Optimism & Joy: Paradise Blend with Amethyst

* Empowerment, Strength & Attunement: SatRa Divine Blend with Clear Quartz

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