What our customers say....

I want to share my experience with your product. My daughter had an allergic reaction to detergent used by her college. Her face broke out and she was so upset. She as a young girl had minimal acne if any. She doesn’t really wear makeup. She plays sports and is an all natural girl. Whole Foods in Nashville suggested your calendula Hemp cream. It worked great and quickly!! She told her friends at school and they each bought 3. She is now home and asked me to get her some because she loves the feel on her face and it helps with any blemishes. I could not find it anywhere but your website. We love it! Thank you so much for shipping this item!
— E. Farias
My husband’s hands have been dry and sore for over a year. We’ve tried so many things... I finally ordered the Calendula Hemp Cream, and his hands cleared up almost immediately! He called it “miraculous” and asked me to order the bigger size right away. Thank you, Essence Tree!
— S. Sharpe
While studying at TSU I was introduced to SatRa body butter and the rest is history, over 13 years later I am still a customer. Love these products, original and new!!
— R. Carter
i tried one of the bliss bars today!! it was just what the doctor ordered. My skin was so dry and itchy because of the cold weather and that left me feeling much better!
— A. Berry
I need to put in an order for more products; I’m completely out. I LOVE your products. This is your life purpose. Thank you for your obedience, discipline and commitment to your vision.
— A. Reed
So many people love your moisture bars. A customer contacted me while at Whole Foods trying to buy the Bliss bar. I talked to another customer who, unprompted, mentioned she loves the hemp bar and buys it as both a gift for others and uses it for herself on a regular basis.
— Consuela, founder of MySwoops
Hi! I sampled the Calendula Hemp Bliss Moisture bar and I love it. I use it on my face, and it has made a huge difference in my skin’s texture and clarity. Thanks for your products, which have made me feel good about my skin again!!
— S. Feinstein
Good morning , Charmaine, just wanted u to know how much my hair loves the Sweet Bergamot. It is so light. My hair is in it’s natural state, this product is so conducive to my hair. Thank u.
— Y. Thompson
I’ve been on vacation at the beach this week, and I saved the complimentary jar of Paradise Scrub you sent me for our trip..... I love it, and I’ve felt so tropical all week! Thank you so much for sending it! I saved it just for this trip, and it has been perfect!
— V. Parman
Last week was the first time I had used the hair products because I had been going to the salon. It REALLY helped with my dandruff! I have dandruff so bad that it’s like cradle cap sometimes, but I didn’t have ANY this week. Also, I usually lose a fair amount of hair when I wash it and today when I washed it, there was virtually no hair loss!! I’m impressed and excited! My hair is very light and fluffy, so the oils did weigh it down a little, but the benefits are amazing. I’m very happy!
— M. Taylor
I am thrilled to have a bulk size Sat-Ra butter because it makes my skin feel amazing and the scent is equally amazing!
— E. Cooper
By the way, I use your products on my baby girl and they have been wonderful for her! Its really good for her sensitive skin. Amor love, oshun, and the little pink Bergamot hair creme. I also used your Oshun bath salt mix. Thank you and much success :)
— N. Bah
I’m so excited about this Sweet Bergamot hair moisturizer that I’m going to use it tonight! I love the way it smells and am looking forward to seeing the results! Thank you again for your assistance and for your product!
— T. Traum
I loved every minute of being at the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show with my ESSENCE TREE Sistren BRINGIN IT! And to be there for the express purpose of ELEVATING & LOVING Charmaine’s ESSENCE TREE products— products I REALLY DO ADORE—& a woman for whom i REALLY DO HAVE AMOR— was a POWERFUL thing!!
— Alimah
I cannot express how thrilled I am with my recent purchases! I am a totally pampered princess now and you have a new regular customer! I purchased a small amount of your Oshun Goddess Scrub and bath salts at Whole Foods Body in Nashville. I couldn’t wait to order more after trying them. Thank you, thank you for sharing your wonderful products!
— L. Copeland
Hi Charmaine,
My partner went over to Nashville, and she found your Amor oil, which she brought back , the nicest oil l have smelt and it so suits my body.
Thank you!
Warm wishes from rainy England,
— Sharon
Hi Charmaine! I bought some more of your bath salts & mailed them to a friend who lives in Seattle for her birthday. She loves them! Thought you’d like to know...You make amazing stuff.
— A. Kenna
Hi Charmaine,
I just had to let you know how much I LOVE your Happy Face Soap! My face was not only squeaky clean, but felt so soft and smooth. The toner is lovely too. I put it on my arms, neck, hands and neck...so I expect to be a ravin’ beauty tomorrow :)
— S. Swanson
EssenceTree is the only product of its kind and the only one I use for my hair, body and bath needs because it’s made with love. You know a product is made with love, elegance and warmth when you smile every time you put it on (as I do).
— O. Nwotwewaa
The Hemp skin cream is what I must keep in stock. My daughter was covering her arms because of the darkness she had from eczema. Now she’s in short sleeves…intentionally!! Winter and all…
— Valerie