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Hey, Beautiful!

The world is waiting for us. Ancestors prayed for this day. I created this Academy due to Spirit’s whisper in my air. Due to the examples of excellence set by my sheroes, Dorothy Gibbs, Madam CJ Walker, Toni Morrison, Zora Neal Hurston, Hatshepsut Maat Ka Ra. I know I was put here to bring women together on a mission of global healing and true Ascension. No longer will we settle for half-lived lives, accepting what’s beneath us. Misguided, narrow views of what abundance is and how it flows.

I created EssenceTree and the Beautiful Life Academy to remind you of who you are. Magical, stellar beings. At your best, You are the true embodiment of abundance. In all forms. Radiant Beauty, glowing with Health, living lives of wealth, enterprise and preparation.


You Had an Extra $1,000/month?

And a Lifestyle of Ease, Enjoyment and Service?

So that you could,

  • Shop Whole Food’s organic produce section for your entire family without breaking the budget.

  • Send your daughter to that elite private school you’ve been eyeing.

  • Spend more time with hubby on exotic beaches.

  • Set mom up in that fancy retirement community.

  • Put aside extra money for savings AND play.

  • Finally, take the BEST care of yourself AND your family.

You are invited to a Life of Beauty, Purpose & Prosperity.

Impact the lives of women while growing your income.

EssenceTree embodies Natural Beauty, Holistic Health & Luxurious Living. Our mission is to empower women to have the skin, hair and life of their dreams.

Unlike other beauty organizations, we cater to the needs that are most important to you. Our platform offers nutrient-focused Superfood Skincare & Haircare products. As well as, both in-person and online classes on critical topics relating to hair growth, skincare, wellbeing and entrepreneurship.

We do not condone nor support damaging our wombs with toxic chemicals in bottles, masquerading as natural beauty products. Nor will we forget about you after you’ve purchased a hair oil. Instead, we want to ensure that you are happy, healthy and wealthy.

It is a well known fact that when a woman has more resources, she reinvests them into the education and health of her family and herself. Which means, she will take better care of herself and provide more value to her community. Thus, it is by supporting women, that we will produce a shift in the world.

As Alice Walker profoundly states, "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

It's time to rise, Beautiful. Be the change that you and your sisters seek.


It’s a woman-centered business and lifestyle training program for changemakers who desire to prosper AND transform the lives of the people they love.

Created by Charmaine Gibbs-West, former Wall Street analyst turned holistic beauty and lifestyle entrepreneur. The Beautiful Life Academy intends to revolutionize the lives of women by offering holistic therapies for beauty and health.

Beginning with EssenceTree’s acclaimed nutrient-focused skin and haircare lines, to our live seminars and online classes, we intend to leave no woman behind. We are the only company of our kind when it comes to health and wellness. We are the only company dedicated to the WHOLE woman, versus just her skin.


Being a Beautiful Life Specialist has totally transformed my life. It has allowed me to EASILY earn thousands of dollars while transforming my skin and the skin of all the women I know. I used to suffer from incurable dry scaly skin and dark undereye circles. With EssenceTree, that’s a thing of the past. Everyone who knows me saw the difference and now they are hooked, too. Most importantly, I love that women are being given superfoods and not the toxins found in other products.
— Betty Davis


A Movement Like None Other.

Share your Love of Beautiful, Healthy Living. Earn up to 40% commission on,

  • EssenceTree’s nutrient-focused skin and hair care

  • Our Live Hair Growth & Skin Health Seminars

  • Any of our Online Seminars

  • Skin & Hair Consultations

  • EssenceTree University Classes and merchandise (Coming Soon)

The Training Modules:

The Beautiful Life Academy is comprised of,

  • Six (6) live training sessions with Charmaine Gibbs-West

  • Recorded trainings on each Product Category

  • Monthly State of the Union Meetings

  • Monthly Accountability Sessions with one of our coordinators

  • Bonus: Opportunity for Certification as an EssenceTree Coach

Module 1 : Mindset & Manifestation

The Essence of this calling. The Essence of Divine Health. What mark would you like to leave on this world? What lifestyle are you being called to live?

Module 2 : Your Chosen Clients

Target Customer Profile. Who do you most desire to serve? What happens when they don’t have you?

Module 3 : Your Business Plan

Your customized, one-page strategy for success.

Module 4 : Essence of Selling Part 1

Magnetism & Matchmaking. The ease of prosperity. Eight Avenues of Abundance (1-4)

Module 5 : Essence of Selling Part 2

Eight Avenues of Abundance continued (5-8)

Module 6 : Building a Team

The ascended levels of the Beautiful Life Specialist Program. Become a certified EssenceTree Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

My first exposure to EssenceTree blew my mind. As a vegan nutritionist and fitness coach, I’ve never used such nutrient-filled, powerful skincare products. The Beautiful Life Specialist program has been a godsend. I am now a certified EssenceTree Holistic coach. I love the mentorship that Charmaine provides and the opportunity to expand my income streams within the wellness industry.
— Jackie Davis
What attracted me to the Beautiful Life Academy was Charmaine’s vision. I’d recently read the biography of Madame CJ Walker and when attending the online session, it felt that she was the Madam CJ Walker of today. I have a wellness business that caters to women and EssenceTree’s products with their emphasis on self-care are a perfect complement to what I do.
— Queen Leia

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What attracted me to the Beautiful Life Academy is the opportunity to heal women in an expanded way. I am a Nurse practitioner and I come across women who are ill far too often. I think that a holistic approach is the best way for us to get well. I am also madly in love with the fact effect that EssenceTree’s products are nontoxic and have transformed my hair.
— Sameerah Ali