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Divine Body :: EssenceTree's 5-Piece Best Sellers Collection


To beautifully harmonize your skin & spirit, we present five of our top sellers.  This glow-inducing assortment is perfect for all of your self care rituals. 

5 oz. SatRa Divine Oil
2 oz. Paradise Mango Pineapple Body Butter
4 oz. Citrus Almond Euphoria Scrub or Calendula Hemp Bliss Body Bar
4 oz. Oshun Goddess Bath Blend
1 Bar Inner Peace Lavender Soap

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Additional Info

Truly, it was difficult to narrow down this collection and it can change based on popularity. We intend for you to experience bliss when using our products. Thus, we feel this is a perfect way to treat yourself and your friends to the body-lovingness of EssenceTree. It comes beautifully wrapped in our signature gift boxes.

** Please note: items in our baskets may be substituted without notice with items of equal or greater value.