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Even Skin Cream for Scars & Blemishes


Our advanced recipe for scars and blemishes. Lighter in formula than our Renewal butter, it is light enough for the face. Created with more botanicals to restore skin and reduce the appearances of scars, blemishes and stretch marks, this cream contains healing chamomile flower water, Vitamins A, B3, & E as well as licorice and bearberry extracts. Soothing aloe juice, organically grown shea butter and restorative plant oils such as tamanu (foraha), sea buckthorn and evening primrose further complete the base of this recipe. Essential oils such as neroli, frankincense and carrot seed heal and repair skin at the cellular level. 

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even-skin-cream-front copy.jpg

Additional Info

Loving Application: For best results, apply to clean skin twice daily. Please allow 6-8 weeks for results. Individual results may vary.