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Essential Therapies :: Winter Skincare Collection


A 4-piece organic hemp based system created for my infant daughter, who suffered from dry, flaky skin and severe eczema. I am proud to say that today, she is eczema-free with gorgeous, healthy skin. Believe me, this collection will have you (and your body) forgetting that it is winter.


  • Nutrient-rich & great for the entire family (children aged 2 years and older*)

  • Free from most allergens. Vegan, Gluten-free and nut-free

  • Clean, Non-toxic skin food for dry, flaky skin & eczema

  • Extremely moisturizing

  • Soothes & repairs itchy skin, damaged skin, cracked skin

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Additional Info

This 4-piece collection was lovingly created to soothe skin affected by eczema and severe dryness. 100% natural, therapeutic Ingredients, including,

  • organic, unrefined hemp oil (highest in skin-loving essential fatty acids and chlorophyll),  

  • aloe juice,

  • olive, neem and evening primrose oils

  • 15+ different nourishing herbs. 


  • 1 Bar Organic, Superfood Soap (Made with Shea Butter) - Daily cleansing with a nutrient-infused soap makes all the difference when treating dry skin.

  • 1 Calendula Hemp Bliss SkinFood Bar - Use minimum of 3 times/week for optimal skin health. This bar will reduce dryness and flakiness associated with eczema. It provides exfoliation, moisture and herbal nourishment to the skin.

  • 1 Calendula Hemp Cream, 2 oz - Use daily after bathing to lock in moisture, reduce itchiness/dryness and feed skin with a minimum of 12 different organic herbs and botanicals .

  • 1 The Calendula Hemp Oil, 2 oz - Use this lighter application of the Calendula Hemp Line as a bath oil, face/beard oil, or wherever extreme dryness is not the case. It has the same moisturizing benefits as the other products.

  • BONUS Checklist for Holistic Treatment of Dry Skin and Eczema