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Organic Lavender Tea Tree Face Wash

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This organic castile soap face wash is suitable for all skin types, especially normal to oily. 100% Natural, this sulfate-free blend is antibacterial, soothing and healing. Essential oils of lavender, tea tree and frankincense, combined with soothing aloe vera and rose water, are the stars of this cleanser.


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lavendar tea tree face wash-final.JPG

Additional Info

Ingredients: organic castile soap, vegetable glycerin, aloe juice, rose flower and/or neroli blossom water, essential oils of lavender, tea tree, frankincense and others. 

Loving Application: Pump a small amount of soap into wet hands, lather and massage into face. Rinse well. Best followed with EssenceTree's Neroli Face Toner. Complete with our Ylang Ylang Youth Serum Face oil or butter.

Size: 4 ounces