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Oshun Goddess Body Oil


Inspired by the Yoruba Goddess of love, beauty and fertility, this oil invokes our best selves. Essential oils of sweet orange and vanilla brighten and harmonize. Cinnamon adds warmth. Organic rose buds and chamomile soothe and lend their skin-softening and fragrant properties. This seductive oil consists of EssenceTree's signature base of nourishing, moisturizing plant oils: olive, sunflower and evening primrose. 

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Ingredients: virgin olive and sunflower oils, fragrance, essential oils of sweet orange and vanilla, evening primrose, vitamin e & rosemary oleoresin extract. organic herbs of chamomile, rose and olive leaf. 

Ritual: Use this oil to beautify your skin and spirit. Oshun Oil is very beneficial for all skin types as a moisturizer, massage treatment and bath oil. It is also a beautiful hair softener.

Size: 5 ounces