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Paradise Mango Pineapple Body Scrub

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Imagine lying on a Caribbean beach, air lush with fragrances of tropical fruits. Our Paradise Scrub offers this experience, complete with the gift of exfoliated, silky-smooth skin.

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This fragrant scrub uses sea salt, sugar, organic coconut oils and botanicals to reveal a sweeter, softer you.

Ingredients: specialty salt blend, sugar, organic coconut and sunflower oils, fragrance, vegetable glycerin, optiphen (paraben-free preservative), rosemary oleoresin extract, annatto seed (natural color), mica, amaranth flowers. 

Loving Application: Scrub should be applied to wet skin. Beginning at the extremities, massage in a circular motion towards heart. Rinse well. Avoid sensitive, damaged skin areas. Use with caution; scrub may make tub slippery. The benefits of this scrub is enhanced when followed by our Mango Pineapple Butter. 

Size: 6 & 10 ounces