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Sat Ra Divine Sea Salt Scrub

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Sat Ra means "daughter of the sun" and symbolizes power.  Blended with golden antioxidant-rich turmeric, coconut oil and organic calendula, this treatment is absolutely divine. Sea salt exfoliates to reveal beautiful glowing skin. Follow with our unforgettable Sat Ra body butter and you will be singing our praises. 

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Ingredients: sea salt, magnesium sulfate, coconut and sunflower oils, fragrance, vegetable glycerin, organic turmeric, organic calendula, Optiphen (paraben-free preservative), rosemary oleoresin extract  

Loving Application: For shower, apply to clean, wet skin and rinse well. For bath, scoop a handful into warm water and enjoy the softening effects. This scrub is intended for body and feet. Avoid bruised, sensitive areas. Exercise caution--exfoliants may make tub slippery.

Size: 6 & 10 ounces